Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Norton and Vista... Clocks on the Treo 750

Treo Clocks
If you lost your digital clock on the Treo 750 and can't find instructions on how to turn that clock face back into a number...

Simply place the stylus on the clock and hold it - first, a message about your next appointment displays and then a drop down list, Digital or Analog...

Norton Internet Security Settings with Vista:
We added a couple of Vista workstations to a peer-to-peer network with Windows XP Pro using Norton Internet Security 2007. We ended up downgrading the Vista installs to Win XP Pro, but here's what we did to make NIS work with Vista with the firewall setup:
  • Change the default inbound net bios from blocked to allow
  • Change the default inbound net bios name from blocked to allow
  • Set up a new rule for local network addresses
  • Choose a block of addresses, e.g 192.168.x.0 -254, for inbound and outbound and allow

Have fun!

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Anonymous said...

Great answer on the Treo. Thank-you

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