Friday, October 8, 2010

With Apple Move to Verizon, a Shift in the Market

The New York Times is reporting that Apple is developing an iPhone for Verizon after years of only using ATT in the US. The question is, why wait this long? The answer: Google's Droid. 

With Apple Move to Verizon, a Shift in the Market 

This NY Times article focuses on the impact to the smartphone market, but how much less competitive will ATT be with customers' ability to move to Verizon and keep the iPhone? 

At On-Site Technical Solutions we use both the iPhone and Droid. The verdict so far is that we give a slight edge to Droid because of speed, support for Adobe Flash and a replaceable battery. We counted being forced to use ATT as a negative for the iPhone, but it looks like Apple may be solving that problem. 

Microsoft is launching a new entry into the mobile market next week - Windows Phone 7. So far Microsoft has done miserably with mobile, and they may be too late to the market to make an impact. 

Ballmer: Google's Android Isn't Free

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