Friday, December 10, 2010

Most Internet Connections in the US Not Broadband

The FCC issued a report (pdf) that says most of the Internet connections in the US do not meet its new standards for broadband. 

From Light Reading
The FCC, which released its latest Internet access services status report (PDF) on Thursday, found that 68 percent of 90.96 million "reportable" Internet access connections fell short of its speed benchmark in both directions, or in one direction.
One of the prerequisites for using Cloud Computing effectively is a robust Internet connection. The slower that connection, the harder to use and find savings in the Cloud. 

On-Site Technical Solutions has some smaller customers not expanding their use of Cloud Computing because cable is not available and T1 or T3 technology is too expensive for them. This is another competitive disadvantage for US businesses. 

Here are some links to articles on the FCC findings. 

FCC report finds 68 percent of US broadband connections aren't really broadband

FCC: 'Broadband' Is Scarce

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