Thursday, February 17, 2011

Google Apps boss says cloud computing is your destiny

While Google and Google products may not be your destiny, if you use the Internet and a computing device we'd have to agree that cloud computing is at least part of your technical destiny. 

Highlighting some quotes from the Google print advertisement/infomercial that appeared in The Economist last month, The Register says: 

"Each day, over 3,000 businesses go Google," the ad read, hailing the more than three million outfits who have adopted the suite since its debut in 2007, and listing more than a dozen by name.
"We believe that 100% web is the future of the cloud computing model, and brings substantial benefits for companies that no other IT model can provide in terms of simplicity, cost, security, flexibility, and pace of innovation," read a signed missive from David Girouard, the president of Google's Enterprise business. That "100% web is the future of cloud computing" bit isn't quite the tautology it might seem. It's a swipe at Microsoft's new Office, which famously straddles desktop and web.
See you in the cloud! 

Google Apps boss says cloud computing is your destiny • The Register

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