Thursday, February 10, 2011

Why You Should Use Google's Two-Step Login

I was going to mention Google expanding the use of its two-step authentication process, but Tony Bradley at PC World beat me to it. I'll link to his article and the Official Google Blog to let them explain a little more in-depth. 

Basically what the two-step process does is, like it sounds, adds another step to your login process making it much more difficult for an account to be hacked. The major problem with even this simple process is that most end users are already exasperated by their current list of passwords and won't want to be bothered by another step in the login process. That's a social engineering component of security upon which evil-doers thrive. 

In this case you'll need your phone to be able to log into your account, also making the hacker take the extra step of getting your phone or hacking the additional, random code once they have your password. 

Why You Should Use Google's Two-Step Login - PCWorld Business Center

Official Google Blog: Advanced sign-in security for your Google account 

Of course, you can't use the two-step authorization process without Google Apps, so give us a call!

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