Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Google Apps Conversion - Easy as...

We sent this email to our newsletter subscribers - we're touting Google Apps and explain how easy it is to leave on a Friday running something else and be running Google Apps when you come in Monday morning - seamlessly! To receive our newsletter visit our website

On-Site Technical Solutions, Inc.

The first step for businesses to save money and upgrade functionality with Cloud Computing is leveraging the power of Google Apps Business. This Cloud tool provides not only email through Gmail with mobile access and 50 times more storage than the industry average but also:

  1. Messaging apps
  2. Email security powered by Postini
  3. Outlook synchronization
  4. Collaboration apps including Google Docs storage, Google Sites storage and Google Video for Business
  5. 99.9% uptime guarantee SLA
  6. Google Docs and more!

The conversion process is straight-forward and completed over a weekend.

On-Site Technical Solutions personnel will

  1. Establish a new Google Apps for Business account for your domain
  2. Purchase the number of licensed Google Apps seats required.
  3. Modify the domain records as needed to support email through Google Apps.
  4. Convert the existing mail stores to Google Apps.
  5. Setup Google Sync to Outlook for individuals that want to continue to use Outlook instead of the Google interface.
  6. Setup and configure smartphones with Gmail.
  7. Provide quick training to key personnel to be able to answer any questions about using Google Apps for email.
We’re happy to talk about all of the features of Google Apps any time. Once you’re up and running with mail the rest of the functionality is simply waiting to be implemented, and new features are added continuously! 

Visit On-Site Technical Solutions for information on how you can move to Google Apps or other Cloud Computing applications. We can also help you with your data security and mobile computing. Follow us online below or visit our website. Call or text me at 1-949-212-2168.

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