Friday, April 1, 2011

Privacy? What Privacy? It's Creepy...

Some people don't seem to worried about privacy as our (formerly private) information becomes more ubiquitous on the web. Personally, I find it kind of creepy. Even if you don't post on Facebook, have a blog or twitter account, I'll bet when you search your name you find more than you'd expect. If you don't, use one of the "find this person" sites and they'll come up with more than you want shared.  

Two more entries in the where's my privacy folder:

First, the creepy one: Lifehacker reports on Creepy, which is, well, let me quote the website:
creepy is an application that allows you to gather geolocation related information about users from social networking platforms and image hosting services. The information is presented in a map inside the application where all the retrieved data is shown accompanied with relevant information (i.e. what was posted from that specific location) to provide context to the presentation.  
Which means if you use social networking sites to "check-in" your location Creepy will tell us where you hang out, how much and when. 

Creepy Stalks Twitter, Foursquare, and Flickr Users by Aggregating GPS Data

Then we have Google creating the app that will allow us to take your picture to find your information. It was only a matter of time before we could use the facial recognition software to identify you and the rest of the web to track your information down. 

 Google making app that would identify people's faces - CNN

Of course I'm happy and content because I don't have anything to hide - but shouldn't we start putting better privacy protections in place to start catching up with the technology?

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