Monday, May 2, 2011

Improving Sales: The Excuse Department Is Closed

The post below from Techcrunch is a couple of months old but has some very good points for non-sales oriented people about sales. My favorite points in the article are the two the author directs at corporate management at the end (no matter how small your corporation, these are true):

1. Treat your sales people well. Train them, arm them with a great product and sales collateral. Get out there with them—no hiding in the ivory tower. Customers want to see you. It’s the hardest job in the company. They sink or swim on their results. And as a result they’re the best paid people in the company. If they start sucking—they’re out. They know this.
2. Don’t do silly things like cap bonus payments. Make their pay-for-performance unlimited, but well structured. They are supposed to be the best paid people in the company. That’s why they endure the jobs that they have and the constant pressure to deliver results. Don’t hire sales people if you expect to be over-the-top cheap on T&E.  They need some money for schmoozing. You can book them at budget hotels—but don’t go too far. Treat them with utmost respect or their next interview is right around the corner.

No matter how great your product or service, without sales you don't have a company. If that's not what you do best, you'd better hire someone who's GREAT at it!

Improving Sales: The Excuse Department Is Closed

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