Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cloud Computing and Disaster Recovery by Google

Google has a blog post that explains why the Cloud can be a much more cost-effective way for business to manage IT resources. The focus of their blog post is disaster recovery, but the discussion also applies to the IT infrastructure and support needed to run any business.

By using Cloud applications businesses can not only save money on overall IT expenditures but can allocate the money spent on IT to ensure that technology is being leveraged to make the business as productive and efficient as possible. The savings on hardware and staffing to support the local hardware and applications can be significant for any organization as a percentage of sales.

For smaller businesses the Cloud also makes technology available that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive, making them more competitive and able to appear as much larger organizations. Google calls this the democratization of technology. They end their post by saying:

One of the most compelling advantages of cloud computing is its power to democratize technology. Whether it's a 25GB email inbox, Video for business, synchronous replication, or one of countless other advanced services, Google Apps gives companies of all sizes access to technology that until recently was available to only the largest enterprises. And it's available at a dramatically lower cost than the on-premises alternatives, without the usual hassles of upgrading, patching and maintaining the software.

Email is the easiest and most logical application for most businesses to migrate to the Cloud. Many strategic applications are not yet available in the Cloud or do not have the same functionality available.

Email, on the other hand, can be run completely from the Cloud either without changing the end user experience or adding functionality to it. Almost all of On-Site Technical Solutions customers now have their mail in the Cloud.

In the current IT landscape, the smaller the business the more likely it should be running completely in the Cloud. Businesses that only need email, accounting and CRM have applications available in the Cloud that are at least as functional and less expensive overall than their local counterparts.

Here is a link to the Google Enterprise Blog post:

Disaster Recovery by Google

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