Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tablets Poised to Outsell Netbooks by 2012?

In June analyst Forrester Research produced a report predicting that tablet computers will be outselling netbooks by 2012 and that by 2014 more users will be running tablets than netbooks.

We'll use this an opportunity to remind everyone that you will be in the cloud by then, if you are not already. By that time a significant percentage of companies, especially On-Site Technical Solutions customers, will no longer be providing hardware to employees. These companies will give employees an allowance for a network device the employees will use to get to company applications in the cloud. Many of our clients won't even need a company network to run their business.

Earlier this year we thought netbooks would dominate, but that was before the immense success of the iPad and the rush to manufacture competitors. Plan on using smartphones, tablets and some laptops to run your business - all connected to your applications in the cloud.

Here's the story on the Forrester Research report from The Loop:

Forecast predicts tablets outselling netbooks by 2012

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