Saturday, September 11, 2010

Windows XP No Longer Available After October 22

Dell sent me a note reminding me that they will no longer be able to ship computers with the Windows XP Professional downgrade option after October 22. They said orders must be in by October 1, but I'll bet we get some play with that date, but don't count on October 22 moving. .

We still sell many systems with XP because almost none of our customers with servers have upgraded to Windows 7.

We'll miss Windows XP Pro, now that it works so well! We still have some issues with Windows 7 compatibility  with older peripherals and software. Just last week I tried to connect Josie's new Win 7 laptop to her Xerox Phaser at school and it looks like they're not compatible, even with the new Xerox printer downloads.

Of course, get a new printer and get in the Cloud and you won't have to worry about your operating system or Internet access device, formerly known as computer.

Visit On-Site Technical Solutions for information on how you can move to Google Apps or other Cloud Computing applications. We can also help you with your mobile computing. You should follow us on Twitter  @MHBoys and become a fan on Facebook! Call or text me at 1-949-212-2168.


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