Sunday, January 16, 2011

MS Continues to Lose Market Share - Welcome to the End of PC Dominance

As recently as three years ago we wouldn't support Macs on a business network. We supported Mac networks for a business, but not adding Macs to a Microsoft network. 

That started changing when we could get the Macs to more seamlessly communicate on the Microsoft network and really took off with the roll out of Google Apps. When applications are in the Cloud, it doesn't matter if the platform accessing them are PC, Mac, Android, Linux or iOs (iPhone).

As noted in the post below from PCWorld, Microsoft had 96% of the operating systems visiting 40,000 websites in 2007. When figures are released this month that figure is likely to fall to less than 90%.

The article talks about Linux and Mac and then notes:
However, the biggest market share thief is mobile devices, in the form of cellphones and tablets, which have seen the fastest growth. iOS, Apple's mobile phone OS that runs on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, grew from 0.24 percent in January 2009, to 1.69 percent in December 2010, and Java Mobile Edition--which powers the browsers in many mobile phones--grew from 0.22 percent to 0.91 percent in the same period.
We can't see anything that is going to slow or alter that trend - as more tablets roll out competing with the iPad expect it accelerate. 

The PC Is Dead: Long Live Portable, Pluralistic Computing - PCWorld Business Center

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