Monday, January 17, 2011

With Verizon, iPhone’s Flaws May Become More Apparent

Those of us with iPhones at On-Site Technical Solutions have tended to do exactly what this article in the NY Times talks about - blame ATT for phone and call quality issues on the iPhone. I use a Droid and complain about ATT, but Verizon has bad spots in hilly Orange County, too. 

I've always had to pick a mobile carrier based on who can deliver service to the places I spend the most time - the office and the house. That's how we ended up with ATT in the first place - Verizon was a black hole for the house, and ATT isn't very good. Perhaps I need to remove my tin foil hat when I use a mobile. 

It is going to be interesting to see how much better Verizon's network performs for iPhone users than ATT. 

With Verizon, iPhone’s Flaws May Become More Apparent - 

On another note, hopefully Steve Jobs will be back and healthy in June. I may not be a fanboy of Apple, but I do like competition between my vendors and it's fun to watch Google and Apple, or, for that matter, Apple and anyone, go at it. I'm afraid without Jobs Apple is simply not the same. 

Apple CEO Steve Jobs takes medical leave - 

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