Friday, April 8, 2011

Google Adds Android Security, Corp Contact Apps

Google keeps plugging away at the enterprise market, but SMBs will also be interested in the improvements announced yesterday, courtesy of one improved app, one new app and new administrator security functionality.  

An improved Google Apps Device Policy app will  enable employees to
quickly secure a lost or stolen Android 2.2+ device by locating it on a map, ringing the device, and resetting the device PIN or password remotely via the new My Devices website.
A new "corporate" contacts app, Google Apps Lookup
makes it easier to find and contact people in your organization. Type (or speak) the name or email address of a coworker, and then tap to call, email, IM or send a text message. Lookup pulls information from the Google Apps directory, so admins need to enable “Shared Contacts” in the control panel before employees can use Lookup on their Android 2.1+ devices.
I've been in the business of  technology business for a long time now, and our current environment and pace of change starting a couple of years ago dwarfs the improvements and rate of change in the previous 25 years. Expect that to continue - and try to keep up with the functionality, productivity and enhancements that technology will continue to bring to your business at a blistering pace!  

Here is the blog post from Google: 

Official Google Enterprise Blog: Putting Android to work for your business

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