Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Look out: The 10 rising tech trends of 2012

This article by Jason Hiner, Editor-in-chief of Tech Republic, is geared to IT professionals supporting enterprises (more than 500 employees/computing devices), the target audience for that magazine. The reason I'm re-posting it here is that most of the items on this list from the Gartner Group will be impacting not only IT professionals and the enterprise, but all of us using technology. 

Look out: The 10 rising tech trends of 2012 | TechRepublic

Here's the list:

1. Media tablets and beyond 
2. Mobile-centric applications and interfaces
3. Contextual and social user experience 
4. Internet of Things
5. App stores and marketplaces
6. Next-generation analytics
7. Big data
8. In-memory computing 
9. Extreme low-energy servers 
10. Cloud computing
The top five on this list are also the top five for SMBs. Numbers six through nine,  analytics, big data, in-memory computing and extreme low-energy servers will have more of an impact at the enterprise level. Cloud computing was moved from number 1 in 2011 to number 10 in 2012 because the cloud is now so much a part of other IT areas. 

Most of us can look forward in 2012 to moving to tablets from desktops and laptops, more mobile computing, more social media, more apps on our computing devices and more business use of the Internet. Oh, and a continued transition to the Cloud. It actually sounds a lot like 2011. 

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