Tuesday, February 14, 2012

6 Ways Business Can Be Safer On The Internet

Here is another article from CIO.com directed at the enterprise but with sage advice for SMBs. 

Their advice: Don't expect using the Internet to get safer for your business any time soon. 

Drive-by downloads are proliferating because the exploit kits that allow cybercriminals to compromise websites are readily accessible on the black market, according to Brandt. The exploit kits are also highly refined and automated, which makes it easy for cybercriminals to distribute them across as many web servers as possible, he adds.
The growing complexity of browser environments is also contributing to the spread of drive-by downloads. As the number of plug-ins, add-ons and browser versions expands, there are more weaknesses for cybercriminals to exploit and add to their kits, says Peck.

We all use browsers and most of our employees using computers need access to the Internet. With the advantages of cloud computing and the migration to the cloud our browsers are now some of our most important software applications. 

The down side to that is the need to ensure that our browsers stay malware-free and keeping our employees from inadvertently downloading malware while using the Internet. 

It's a good article, worth the read. Here are the six ways listed:

  1. Encourage employees to keep their software up to date.  
  2. Install web-filtering software.  
  3. Install NoScript on your Firefox browser.  
  4. Disable Java.  
  5. Keep tabs on BLADE.
  6. Don't give users admin access to their computers.
Not all six of these items will apply to smaller organizations, but every organization should have an Internet Use Policy read and signed by all employees. 

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