Friday, February 17, 2012

Google Calendar Overview

Google has launched an updated reseller program for their products that will now include 

  • Google Apps
  • Chromebooks 
  • Geo 
  • Search 
This doesn't affect most people in the short term, including resellers, but they do seem to be gearing up to support enterprises across platforms. The immediate benefit for resellers is that all of our support tools from Google are now in one place instead of spread throughout the Internet. 

Here is a short Google Calendar overview video I found on the new reseller site. Give us a call at 866-724-8946 if you'd like to sign up for your free trial of Google Apps. 

Visit On-Site Technical Solutions for information on how you can move to Google Apps or other Cloud Computing applications. Call us for all of your network computing and business IT needs. We can also help with your data security and mobile computing. Follow us online below. Call or text me at 1-949-212-2168.

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Phil Lauterjung said...

Nice find Michael. It is becoming clearer that Google is definitely attempting to consolidate a number (all?) of their disparate parts into a more unified offering.

We've definitely seen it in the area of search and the impact on SEO. Just trying to keep up with all of their updates and changes is a full time job.

It appears that they are also very serious about continuing to do the same with Google Apps. Do know when they intend to release their Drive product? I have only read rumors, but nothing definite.

Michael Boys said...


This is the closest I've seen to it being a fact and actually getting closer. If they are indeed testing Drive, it must be real!?!

It will most likely be another offering for those who don't have a need for Google Apps. I'm sure it will be incorporated into Google Apps as more storage and perhaps an easier way to store any type of file.

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