Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Getting Started with Google Docs

Below is a link to instructions from Google on how to get started with Google Docs. I haven't found a Google video for getting started with Google Docs, and the best ones I've found are using the very old formats and will confuse some people more than help. 

But this link is very thorough and if you're logged in to your account the embedded links will take you to your Google Docs page to start working in your very own cloud! 

A friend at WomenRok in Orange County was interested in using Google Docs but didn't know where to start. Short of making her a client, these are the best instructions I've seen yet on getting those first documents created and stored and moving on to the more sophisticated uses of Google Docs. 

We recommend the paid Google Apps for Business because that enables very efficient support from Google. With the free version you're stuck with online FAQ pages that can be very frustrating. If this is for a business, spend the 50 bucks! 

That takes you to the main menu. By starting at the overview you'll be logged in and ready to get going with your first Google Docs files. Good luck and I'd be happy to hear if you have any questions or if any of these links don't work. 

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