Thursday, March 8, 2012

Still Using Microsoft Windows XP? 2014 Is Closing In!

Microsoft will be supporting the various iterations of Windows XP, its Flagship 10+ year-old operating system until August in 2014. That's more than two years away, a lifetime in the technology world. But for businesses still using Win XP, an exit strategy is probably in order!

For our clients we simply replace aging XP computers with Win 7. We never did purchase or install a Windows Vista computer. We inherited a few, but migrated them to Win 7 as quick as we could. 

The transition to Win 7 is very straightforward and simple - just replace the computer with the new operating system. If you've kept XP and bypassed both Vista and Win 7, you will probably end up using Win 8, which will be a bigger transition than Win 7 for your employees. Of course, by that time you may not need Windows.  

Two years from now our clients will be even less dependent on Microsoft as they continue to move to cloud applications and other devices than the desktop and laptop. Chromebooks and tablets will play a significant role in that process. 

I was reminded of this because of this artile in EWeek. Windows XP had a great run, but the age of Microsoft dominance is over. 

Here is a snippet from the Windows support page showing the OS support dates. Note that Service Pack support for the products has already ended. 

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