Thursday, August 5, 2010

The BlackBerry Torch 9800 Arrives

It looks like the new BlackBerry Torch is an acceptable alternative for smartphones, but won't be a savior for BlackBerry sales going forward.

BlackBerry has been the enterprise choice for mobile for years because of its ability to handle email and remains a key player. RIM, the manufacturer of BlackBerrys, lost critical time to both Apple and Android by waiting this long to come out with the Torch. They haven't given anyone a reason to move from another platform to BlackBerry, which will be cause for concern in the future.

At On-Site Technical Solutions we're going to have iPhones, Droids and BlackBerrys, but the kids are going to make me be the resident BlackBerry holder. That shouldn't make BlackBerry very happy. As Gizmodo noted in its review,

If you don't already own a BlackBerry, you will not want this phone. And if you do, you still might not want it, even if it may very well be the "best BlackBerry ever."

Here are some links to reviews of the new BlackBerry:

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and here are a couple of links on mobile sales:

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and here's a video from at the launch:

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