Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Spammers return from year-end break

I was going to post on the recent downturn in spam (not that my spam filter noticed THAT much of a difference) when I started seeing articles on the upturn in spam for the new year. 

I guess even cyber criminals take a break every once in a while - or at least celebrate the holidays! 

Spammers return from year-end break 

If you're having trouble with spam we recommend switching your mail to Google Apps for personal and business uses. Google purchased Postini a while back and we haven't found a better spam catcher. Best of all, it's FREE with Google Apps. 

Visit On-Site Technical Solutions for information on how you can move to Google Apps or other Cloud Computing applications. We can also help you with your mobile computing. You should follow us on Twitter @MHBoys and become a fan on Facebook. Call or text me at 1-949-212-2168.

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