Thursday, January 19, 2012

Microsoft's Windows Phone Beats iOS by 2015: Analyst - Enterprise Networking (We Still Suggest iOS & Droid)

The sub-heading on this post from eWeek reads: 
Microsoft's Windows Phone will beat iOS in the smartphone market by 2015, coming in second to Google Android, according to a new analyst report. 
Windows phones are actually very functional and easy to use and integrate into a Microsoft Windows network environment. It looks like Windows 8 is going to make Windows and the phones even better. As a business technology provider we're happy to use what works and is well-supported by vendors. Windows phones fit in those categories and we're happy to support them. The problem for Microsoft is threefold:

  1. They're a couple of years too late and behind the curve in popularity and visibility if nothing else. 
  2. With the release of Windows Server 2008 it's a breeze to integrate Apple devices into the Windows network and Cloud Computing is making the type of network installed a moot point for more and more businesses. 
  3. Perhaps most importantly, iOS (Apple) and Droid are where the apps are. 
We recommend using the same operating system on a tablet that's being used on a smartphone. That makes it easier to integrate the use of applications between the devices and to coordinate the use the of the devices. While that would also be true with Microsoft operating systems, most of us already have apps we love through our iPhone, iPad, Droid smartphone or Droid tablet. Why move to something completely different?

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